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Tours & Sightseeing Around UNC and Research Triangle

Davie Poplar

A large tulip poplar tree on the campus of UNC is at the heart of the university's lore and life. Local legend says that as long as the tree stands, so will the university; if it falls or dies, the university will crumble. Hundreds of years old, Davie Poplar is a landmark to all who visit the UNC Chapel Hill campus.

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Gimghoul Castle

Home to the collegiate secret society known as the Order of Gimghoul, Gimghoul (or Hippol) Castle in Chapel Hill is a site shrouded in legend. Despite its location on private property, the mysterious history and unique architecture (1924) make the quick drive past worthwhile. Snap some photos, admire the internationally-recognized castle masonry, or hike a nearby trail in Battle Park.

North Carolina Botanical Garden

Located on the UNC campus, the North Carolina Botanical Garden is a free, natural retreat that displays Mother Nature's most breathtaking creations. Curated and nurtured by students and faculty,   the North Carolina Botanical Garden has eleven display gardens, an arboretum, nature trails, and garden shop.

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UNC Visitors Center

Get a warm welcome to one of the most renowned universities in the United States at the UNC Visitors Center. Start a guided tour or take a self-directed stroll along these storied brick paths through the beautiful UNC campus. Visit the website to sign up for a tour.

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